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Process Optimization and Control

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During the development of your Biotechnological Process, optimization of the process is key. By optimizing your biologics production process, variabilities in the process and the products will be minimized. 

Improved characterization of your bioprocess will help you optimize it. We can offer all kind of analytical tools:

  • Spedia-Predict™ is an innovative solution to troubleshoot performance variability and develop predictive models for your specific bio-manufacturing process.
  • In-process quality control checks
  • Process-related Impurities
  • Host Cell Proteins
  • Can single-use bioprocess components used safely? We provide Extractables & Leachables studies.

How to deliver a Biological Product of continuous quality?

Process Validations are key. Samples for testing are collected from start till end, including the cells, the media, and the final product.

  • Process-related impurities should be removed from your process in an effective way. We can help you to demonstrate their effective removal. 
  • Viral Clearance: In a Viral Clearance study, the virus reduction capabilities of a production process is monitored. Heat treatment, Solvents, Chromatography and Vrius removal filtration are examples of process steps resulting in viral clearance. EBPT-NL offers a broad panel of viruses for your Viral Clearance study. 
  • Cleaning Validations
  • Extractables and Leachables

Why choose Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands

  • Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands helps to ensure your success and the success of your company through careful analysis and high-quality services.
  • Standard and custom solutions. If our standard solutions do not fulfill your requirements, our skilled technicians are able to develop specialized solutions. 
  • Single-point-of-contact. Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands has all expertise within the same organization, allowing clear and reliable communication.

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