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Spent Media Analysis

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The worldwide leading supplier of spent media analyses provides you with the data you need to improve stability, growth and productivity of your cell lines and fermentation processes.


Spedia-NMR™ method is rapid, robust, cost-efficient and outperforms LC-based methods on all counts. A minimal sample requirement (typically 1 ml) ensures quantitative results within 2 to 4 weeks.

Spent media analysis examines:

  • Spedia-NMR™: 50 analytes: amino acids, saccharides and metabolites;
  • Water-soluble vitamins by LC-MS;
  • Elements and trace metals by ICP-OES;
  • Surfactants;
  • Buffers (HEPES, TRIS);
  • For CHO, bacterial, yeast and insect cells.

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Spedia-Predict™: Bioprocess Variability Investigation

Spedia-Predict™ is an innovative solution to evaluate and troubleshoot performance variability and develop predictive models for your specific bio-manufacturing process. Spedia-Predict™ integrates our expertise in high-end analytics and chemometrics (incl. Spedia-NMR™, NMR fingerprinting, LC-MS profiling and ICP-OES elemental analysis) to detect and identify parameters correlating to bioprocess variability. With a combination of critical markers we develop predictive models to reach performance consistency from batch-to-batch. Develop your bioprocess in line with Quality-by-Design. Our data will help you get in control.

Get in control and optimize performance

  • Evaluate and prevent performance variability;
  • Fast profiling and performance prediction of raw material lots;
  • For rational selection of raw materials supplier;
  • Suitable for chemically defined and non-defined raw materials and most cellular systems;
  • Prevent expensive failure in large-scale production.