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Binding Assay

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Binding Assays give you valuable insight into the mode of action of your molecules. Exploration of the physico chemical properties of your molecule, by Biochemical Assays, can reveal intactness and supports claims to functionality. Full GMP certified execution of Biochemical Assays provides you with results that you can trust. Talk with our experts to see the range of solutions and detection systems that we have available; developed from scratch, or transferred using validated methods.

Tests and techniques

  • Colorimetric
  • (TR)-FRET including HTRF
  • fluorescence polarization (FP)
  • chromatography; HPLC, SEC-MALS
  • electrophoretic techniques; CE; IEF
  • mass spectrometric assays
  • carbohydrate analysis
  • cell based assays
  • qPCR
  • Custom setup

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