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Shelf-Life and product stability Testing

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Shelf life studies are performed by manufacturers to determine and validate the appropriate storage conditions and expiration dates. Often manufacturers decide to run both Real-time aging and accelerated aging tests in parallel.  Real-time aging provides essential data on how the quality of a product varies over time under the influence of different environmental factors such as temperature, and humidity. As Real-time aging programs can take a long time, Accelerated aging tests are performed to speed up the normal aging processes of the products to be able to get your products out to the market sooner.

Eurofins has over 200,000 sq ft of environmental chambers, and several clean room sterility suites, to provide the highest quality facilities for your shelf stability and sterilization validation work. Moreover, we offer the full testing package including Packaging testing and Transit Testing. 

Overview of our services

  • Package Testing
  • Sterile Seal Integrity
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Accelerated aging Testing
  • Transit Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Labeling

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