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What Analytico stands for

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Science serves life. Seneca could not know, with that crystal-clear statement, how correctly he was articulating the core of the Analytico mission: purity, simplicity and integrity. After all, in whatever way customers use the most reliable, most precise methods to obtain analysis data, the essence is that these data make a contribution to the welfare of mankind.

Fast and efficient

Analytico Scientific stands out for working rapidly and efficiently with very short delivery times and high delivery reliability. This efficiency is the result of optimum logistics, flexible planning and the use of state-of-the-art-technologies.

Local service
Analytico Scientific, thanks to its many cooperational ventures, has a great international range. Customers anywhere in the world can have at their disposal a local project coordinator who knows the national standard and procedures very well. The Analytico laboratories are rooted in their local markets and have extensive local networks, logistical procedures and local management. In this way, an Analytico Scientific customer obtains a worldwide reach using a local service.