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Eurofins is a French bio-analytical company with approximately 300 laboratories distributed worldwide. With its more than one hundred thousand analytical methods, Eurofins is one of the most authoritative laboratory organisations in the world.

Since 1987 Eurofins has grown from a company employing 12 people to an international organisation with more than 28.000 employees. Eurofins is noted on the Nouveau Marché in Paris and on the Neuer Markt in Frankfurt.

Unique analysis method

Eurofins is the owner of an internationally unique analysis method: SNIF-NMR. This patented technology is the most sensitive procedure available to determine the purity, authenticity and origin of biological substances.
The latest analysis developed - a combination of Prion tests and DNA analysis - is the only available method to trace meat products back, via the whole logistical chain, to the animal tested for BSE. Eurofins also commands a portfolio of the latest technologies for analysing genetically modified substances: the GMO analysis.

Multinationals as customer

Eurofins serves a huge number of customers. Among them are seven of the ten largest food companies, more than half of the largest European supermarket chains, different international chemical and pharmaceutical companies and more than twenty government authorities in Europe and the United States. Well-known names among them are Nestlé, Nabisco, Pfizer, Pepsi Cola, Novartis and ICI.

For more information: see www.eurofins.com


CRL.Medinet is a fully standardised central laboratory organisation which operates worldwide. It was founded in 1996 by Analytico Medinet in cooperation with the Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) in the United States. Within 12 months of its founding it was joined by an accredited and qualified Australian laboratory as third partner of CRL.Medinet. Since then, CRL.Medinet has further extended its geographical reach by means of alliances with high-quality laboratories in other areas, such as South Africa, Singapore and Japan.

Partners of CRL.Medinet

The strategic partners of CRL.Medinet BV (Analytico Medinet) command extensive experience in the delivery of central laboratory services.

SydPath Clinical Trials

• founded in 1995
• based in Sydney (Australia)
• serves Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia

For more information go to SydPath Clinical Trials

Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL)

• founded in 1985
• based in Lenexa, a suburb of Kansas City
• serves locations in the United States, Canada and Latin America

For more information go to Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL)

Drs. Dietrich Vogt & Partners

• founded in 1943
• based in Cape Town (South Africa)

For more information go to Pathcare.