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Building materials

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Governments worldwide encourage and stimulate the recycling and development of useful applications for waste products. By means of composition investigation and leaching tests we can determine whether certain building materials - shaped or not - are suitable for recycling.
We specialise in analyses within the framework of the Building Materials Decree. For the AP04 investigation the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment has appointed us to supply SG1, SB1, SG2, SB2, U1 and U2 analysis suites. These suites involve the whole pathway of sample preparation, composition investigation and leaching tests. The individual parameters, such as TPH GC, cyanide, aromatics, heavy metals and anions can also be analysed separately within the AP04 investigation.


Leaching tests
Building materials can be used both the surface of the ground soil as above ground. To determine the behavioural characteristics of the components from which the building materials are composed, situations are simulated in the laboratory that are comparable to the weather influences such as rain and the emission into soil and groundwater. The general term for this kind of investigation is leaching tests. The most common forms of leaching research are the column test, shaking test and the diffusion test.

Landfill sites
We specialise in composition investigation and leaching tests within the framework of the European Landfill Directive. The investigation fully complies with the international requirements and we provide specific landfill suites for composition investigation and leaching tests.