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TerrAttesT® is a comprehensive soil investigation product. Using this product, clients can quickly and confidently make a judgement, on the basis of applicable legislation, about the nature and the degree of contamination in soil and groundwater samples. For TerrAttesT® our laboratories use the most advanced analytical techniques for the immediate, qualitative and quantitative measurement of more than 200 compounds. Additional testing due to increased results of screening parameters is therefore no longer required. A crucial aspect of TerrAttesT® is the innovative logistical system and quality assured which allows the client to save a considerable amount of time. This applies to both the analytical request (sample container) and in processing the efficiently presented analytical results.

Worldwide recognition

Soil consultants throughout the world are experiencing the benefits of TerrAttesT®. From Stockholm to Cape Town and from Buenos Aires to Tokyo, TerrAttesT® is being used for soil remediation, monitoring, due diligence projects and more. We have extensive international cover via our own branches and the laboratories in the Eurofins Group. In this way our clients have local service with worldwide reach.

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