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TerrAttesT Benefits

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The main advantages of TerrAttesT® are:

Time saving

  • The standard delivery time is 5-7 working days, 3 working day express service is possible.
  • >200 components are determined quantitatively so that no additional sampling and analysis is required.


  • All individual analysis in the TerrAttesT® are accredited according to ISO 17025.

Logistics benefits

  • Less sampling and transport costs due to small sample volumes: 120 ml soil & 130 ml water
  • We provide these sample packaging materials including cooling elements and preservatives (water kit)
  • When TerrAttesT® soil jars and/or water kits have been sent, they will automatically be analyzed for the TerrAttesT®

Commercial benefits

  • TerrAttesT® analysis is very competitive compared with more traditional lab survey methods.
  • You will save time by using the TerrAttesT®, which generates project efficiency.