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Vrouw drinkt water

We investigate numerous variants in the drinking water to waste water range. We analyse water samples on the basis of an approach specific to each water type. 

With regard to wastewater, we offer a comprehensive service package that meets the requirements of district water boards and production companies.

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Eurofins | Analytico Wastewater Investigation Subscription
The wastewater investigation covered by the Eurofins | Analytico Subscription is based on the regulations as set out by the water quality authorities for standard investigation. For a period of one year, the subscription covers the technical and administrative processing of wastewater analyses for the water quality authorities. In addition, the client is provided with relevant information regarding possible production losses through wastewater.

The subscription includes:
· supply of required packaging
· sample transport
· laboratory investigation within agreed parameters
· reporting to the company and, if necessary, the water quality authorities