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With TerrAttesT® we test for the presence of more than 200 environmentally contaminating substances in soil and groundwater samples. The results are thorough and complete and there is no need for supplementary analyses. TerrAttesT® is fully accredited to NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025. This means that all of the 200+ individual components are accredited, so having full confidence in the results and ensuring the reliability.

Using TerrAttesT® we provide a unique soil analysis product, with which your soil investigation gains extra ground. TerrAttesT® stands out from other so-called multi-component analyses due to its high quality, extremely low detection limits and spectacularly lower material sample requirements.

This makes TerrAttesT®, the integral soil analysis, the ideal method for your soil investigation!

More information:

TerrAttesT brochure TerrAttesT Spectrumsheet

TerrAttesT® brochure TerrAttesT® Spectrumsheet 7.23

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Chain of Custody forms:

TerrAttesT chain of custody form

TerrAttesT® Chain of custody form

Example SoilAttesT certificate

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