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Project Management

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If you wish, Eurofins can supervise the entire process of demolition and/or renovation. This can be done by our colleagues at Sanitas Environmental Consultancy. 

Here are a few examples of processes that Eurofins/Sanitas will manage for you:

  • Submitting demolition notification and the subsequent permit application procedure;
  • Drafting demolition specifications and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) plans;
  • The tender for asbestos removal and/or demolition (including on-site instruction, information notices and permit advice);
  • The supervision of demolition work and asbestos removal;
  • The management or (partial) supervision of asbestos removal (including consultation with relevant parties, monitoring of work, planning, costs and additional/reduced work and compiling daily reports);
  • Communication with residents/users/neighbours;
  • The completion of asbestos removal (including reporting, clearance certificates and disposal receipts);
  • The coordination of document processing in the National Asbestos Monitoring System. 

If you would like to know more about Eurofins-Sanitas project management, please contact your contact person or contact us at: Our experts are always happy to help.