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Logistics and packing material

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Benelux countries
Eurofins | Analytico has its own transport service for within the Benelux region. All vans are provided with cooling systems. Eurofins | Analytico guarantees that the samples will arrive in good condition. The customer can request a pick-up to a minimum of one day in advance. For customers with a sizeable annual contract, transport is provided free of charge.

Transport bus

Booking our transport services within the Benelux countries can be done by sending an email to transport-barneveld@eurofins.com. It is also possible to call the sample collection line free of charge: 0800-0991180 (Netherlands), 03-8302005 (Belgium). The necessary sample packing material, including the required preservatives, is made available by Eurofins | Analytico free of charge.
Other countries

For the handling of international transport Eurofins | Analytico has its own logistics department. The personnel coordinate the transport of empty packing material throughout the world. They also provide our customers with the necessary transport and customs documents required, such as a Proforma invoice. For international transport Eurofins | Analytico cooperates with ISO 9001-accredited couriers. From all over Europe the samples virtually always arrive at the laboratories of Eurofins | Analytico within 24 hours. You can request more information regarding international logistics by sending an email to logistics-barneveld@eurofins.com.

Packing material

The use of the transport boxes developed in-house by Eurofins | Analytico in combination with the special sample packing material minimises the chance of breakages during transport. The box, in combination with the cooling elements, also ensures the temperature is maintained during transport.

Chain of Custody forms
Eurofins | Analysis orders can be placed on-line using PAIS customer communication system. Apart from that, Eurofins | Analytico's Chain of Custody forms can be used. These forms are available for the Netherlands, Flanders, Walloon, France and other countries. Additional user instructions are available for our French customers. For the transport of TerrAttesT® samples from outside the Benelux countries, please make use of the 'TerrAttesT® Chain of Custody form'.