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Eurofins Scientific is an international listed company that provides its customers with high-quality laboratory research and advice. Eurofins is the global market leader in bio-analytical testing for food, water, the environment and pharmaceutical products. In addition, Eurofins is one of the largest global suppliers in a growing number of other markets, such as the agricultural sector and genomics. In doing so Eurofins uses an unsurpassed variety of analysis methods and has an unprecedented level of knowledge and expertise. Eurofins has more than 38,000 employees worldwide, spread over more than 400 state-of-the-art laboratories and operates in 44 countries. Eurofins offers its employees an interesting and multidimensional career.

Eurofins Leadership Charter

The Eurofins Leadership Charter outlines the philosophy and competencies that we believe are key to being a successful leader at Eurofins. Our leaders are our future and help us continue to develop and grow, to make a difference in the industry. Our leaders have an exemplary role, both inside and outside our organisation, and are a source of inspiration for our current and future employees. Click on the banner below to see the Eurofins Leadership Charter.


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