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'Specialist in Air Research and Air Measurements'


Pro Monitoring is an independent research company founded in 1995. The core business is air quality measurements. Pro Monitoring presents itself as a measuring company in the field of air emissions from installations and industrial processes (emission measurements).

Pro Monitoring offers research at waste incineration plants (waste, sludge and wood combustion), sludge dryers, stables, asphalt plants, food industry and the metal industry. Provincial and municipal governments also use our services.

Measurements are carried out according to the Dutch emission regulations (NeR), the Decree on emission requirements combustion plants (BEES) and the Decree on Waste Incineration (BVA). In addition, we propose plans of action for solving emission problems.

Pro Monitoring is accredited as an inspection body under ISO 17020. This refers to the quality of the sampling and processing of the data.

We carry out research related to a wide range of components, not only dust, odor, ammonia, NOx and hydrocarbons but also metals, acids, nitrous oxide, PCBs, PAHs, dioxins and furans. We have a network of contacts at national and international accredited laboratories to perform analyzes at the highest possible quality level. Analyzes of highly volatile organic compounds are produced in our laboratory.Pro Monitoring operates not only in the Netherlands but also carries out projects in foreign countries (including France, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Lebanon, Curacao, China).

Pro Monitoring has many highly experienced employees, some of whom have since 1985 carried out research projects into air pollution. Besides research on air emissions Pro Monitoring also investigates air quality / composition in the workplace, in the indoor air of homes and the open environment in general.


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