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Advice Air Measurements

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The main business of Pro Monitoring is the implementation of qualitative air measurements.
We have experience with estimating the values of air samples.
We would love to use our practical knowledge to aid your projects!

Some questions we can answer for you:

  • Which testing framework is applicable to air emissions?
  • Which emission sources and which components should be measured?
  • What is the (un) reliability and usefulness of the results?
  • Is there a crossing of odor standards?
  • Does the emission meet the NeR?
  • Does the emissions meets European IPPC regulations and BAT emission level BREFs?
  • Which air emission reduction measures can be taken?

We can quickly and cost-effectively respond to you.

This may be of importance under the following circumstances:

  • Application procedures for an environmental license under the Environmental Management Act.
  • Assessment of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10) emissions to meet legal emission and air quality requirements.
  • Appeals and complaints procedures.
  • The air quality technical underpinning of spatial development plans (zoning procedures).

We create a project plan and charging structure depending on your requirements. If it is desirable, some work can be done by experts inside or outside your company. It is also possible that Pro Monitoring performs as the project leader. This gives you the opportunity to carry on with the daily jobs that have to be done inside your company. We deal with the communication activities with other stakeholders for example: local residents, authority, management, etc.).

Would you like to have more information? Please contact us.

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