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Quality of immission

Standards for the measurements of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10) can be a problem for licensing and zoning.

Municipalities and provinces have local air quality to assess and may use these measurements for purposes include:

1. Models

Pro Monitoring has extensive experience in the use of models for the calculation of local air pollution.

2. Performing 'own' measurements

When overruns are detected and/or predicted, then validating the models using data measurements are relevant. It can also happen that local abnormal situations are so complex, that the use of computer modelling is not sufficient. This could include situations for example road crossovers, traffic sound barriers, sound canopies, shipping and / or high buildings.

Monitoring Pro features different measurements for the implementation of air measurements (immission of NO2 and PM10).


NO2 measurements are carried out with the aid of chemiluminescence, and/or with the aid of adsorption tubes.

PM10 measurements are performed with small filters or Teom monitors.

Pro Monitoring also carries out research into: co2, ammoniac, hydrocarbons, PAK, dioxins and furans

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