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Indoor Air

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Crawl space measurements


As part of the risk of soil contamination under houses, Pro Monitoring carries out research into the presence of volatile impurities in the crawl space or living space such as cyanide, H2S, VOCl, PAH and BETX .

The effect of soil contamination on the quality of the indoor environment is compared with relevant benchmarks of indoor air as TCL values ​​(from the manual of Urgency of Soil Remediation), limits of the health board and reference values ​​of the RIVM.

Pro Monitoring has equipment allowing measurements to be performed during the required 5 to 7 days, which are usable in the crawl space- and living space as well as (to provide a reference) on the outside of the building. It is also possible to get a quick impression about the pollution situation by deploying mobile gas chromatographs. The air is sampled and analyzed at the location. In particular, this technique is useful for the analysis of vinyl chloride.

Office space measurements

Office -panorama

Research of air quality in offices concerns climate measurements and research on chemical and biological agents. With regard to climate measurements, the following climatic factors are measured: humidity, air velocity, air temperature, radiant temperature and thermal comfort index.

Research on ventilation rate in rooms is performed by using a tracer.

Research of chemical impurities concerns determination of the concentrations of solvent, formaldehyde, dust and asbestos fibers. Biological agents which may be involved are: bacteria, fungi, yeasts and endotoxins.

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