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Pesticide Fipronil in eggs! EUROFINS analyzes

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Seven poultry farms are blocked by the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority because the illegal substance fipronil there is found. They must not dispose of more eggs. That has the NVWA Saturday 22 July 2107 announced.

Fipronil is a pesticide and may not be used in the poultry industry. Fipronil is a chemical that is used to combat insects, ticks and mites. In France in 2004 were products based on fipronil withdrawn because the substance was suspected to be the cause of increased mortality among bees. There is currently no direct risk to public health, emphasizes the NVWA. "If you accidentally eat an egg where fibronil in it, then you are not sick of it."

We can imagine that you want more information about fipronil and how to analyse. EUROFINS can advise you and analyse fipronil.

The quantitative values of fipronil are in line with tenths mg/kg. In any case under the max. ARFD values of 0.5 mg/kg. Fipronil and fipronil sulfone be determined by GC-MSMS, LOQ 0.005 mg/kg.

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