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Eurofins Food offers irradiation testing in food, dietary supplements and food additives. As these chemical compounds are inferred to be carcinogenic, the demand for their detection is increasing. To our knowledge we are the only European provider to offer a complete spectrum of five different methods for the detection of irradiated materials. Irradiated food with energy-rich radiation such as gamma-rays and electron beams is used for several different purposes for example:

  • Prevention of germination and sprouting of potatoes, onions and garlic.
  • Killing/ sterilising insects which infest grains, dried fruit, vegetables or nuts.
  • Retardation of the ripening and ageing of fruit and vegetables.
  • Prolongation of the shelf-life of food.
  • Prevention of food-borne diseases by reducing the number of micro-organisms.

Worldwide about 250,000 tons of food and dietary supplements are irradiated annually, the major part of which are spices. In all member states of the EU, irradiated foods, such as herbs and spices have to be labelled in accordance with directive 1999/2/EC.