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Eurofins Food gives advice concerning legislation of the packaging of food products, the so called Product Check. The label of a product has to comply with the legislation in the country where it is produced. Eurofins Food perform labelling checks, because of our wide experience nationally and internationally.

We can offer you the following assistance:

Consultancy Product Check
In the report you find the answers to the following questions: What legislation is necessary for your product to comply with? What indications, ingredients and claims are mentioned on the label and do they comply with the legislation? What anlayses on nutrition and/or contaminants are needed?

Label check
New batches of the same product have to comply with the requirements mentioned in the consultancy report Product Check. We will check all information that is on the label to make sure that no mistakes are made by the production unit, the label printer, etc. So the label complies with the product and can be introduced to the Dutch market!
Analytical control
To be sure that you can introduce the product into your national or international market, we investigate if more tests are needed. For example to test if the quantity of certain ingredients comply with what is on the label. Or we can test if the product contains pollutions. In some countries the legislation is very clear and if a product does not comply, you will not be able to introduce it.

Based on the results of the label check and the analytical controls, we will give you a statement about the marketability of your product referring the Dutch market.
Translation of labels
To export a product the labels must be translated into the countries' languages. Eurofins Food has that expertise and carries that out for you.