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Eurofins Food's customers experience every day the certainty that is generated by cooperation with Eurofins Food in the quality area.

Quality takes centre place in the laboratories of Eurofins Food. The analytical methods used are based on national and international standards. The performance characteristics are carefully established and are continuously tested by means of first, second and third line controls.


Eurofins Food is accredited against ISO/IEC 17025 by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA, as is evident from the accreditation certificate. This means that both its management system and its technical competence have been audited by independent experts and that they satisfy the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

The scope of the technical competence is listed in the scope of the accreditation certificate, so that the market can see precisely for which analyses Eurofins Food is accredited. The scope is also published on the RvA web site ( Eurofins Food is allowed to use the RvA accreditation mark on its analysis certificates (certificates of conformity). An analysis certificate bearing the accreditation mark shows that the results have been obtained through the application of (inter)national standards or in-house methods that have been fully validated. The analyses have also, where possible, taken place on the basis of (internationally) traceable standards and are performed out with a high degree of accuracy. The technical competence of Eurofins Food is audited thoroughly by independent technical experts. Analysis certificates bearing the accreditation mark are usually accepted without reservation by public authorities, but also in (inter)national trade. The agreements are set out in a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).The Accreditation certificate is also available in Dutch. The scope of the accreditation certificate is also available in Dutch.