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PROXY Laboratories B.V. (“PROXY”) was established in March 2001 on the BioScience Park in Leiden, the Netherlands. After more than ten years of steady organic growth, PROXY realised its first acquisition by buying Leiden-based MicroSafe Laboratories (“MicroSafe”) from Merck Millipore.

In December 2012 PROXY and MicroSafe merged with the microbiology laboratory Bactimm in Nijmegen and the chemistry laboratories Farmalyse in Zaandam and Prolepha Labs in Etten-Leur. All five laboratories under one umbrella led to the foundation of Sinensis Life Sciences B.V. (“Sinensis”).

In September 2014 Sinensis acquired Spinnovation Analytical B.V. in Oss, after which their advanced analytical techniques where brought under EU and US-GMP.

As per December 2015 the full Farmalyse operations have been transferred to and integrated into PROXY.

In January 2016 the shareholders of Sinensis sold their group of companies to Eurofins, the global market leader in contract analytical services for the food, pharma and environment industry. Since then Sinensis is part of the Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands (“EBPT-NL”) group of Eurofins BioPharma Services labs.

Specific information on the activities of each EBPT-NL business unit can be found by clicking on its logo. Since January 2018 all laboratories have been rebranded to leverage on the Eurofins brand. The EBPT-NL laboratories are currently known as Eurofins PROXY Laboratories, Eurofins MicroSafe Laboratories, Eurofins Bactimm and Eurofins Spinnovation Analytical.


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