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Detergents and household products

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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing is your strategic partner in supporting your company with testing, certification and consulting on detergents and household products for cleaning and other uses. We provide a wide panel of testing services including Performance testing, Human Safety evaluation, Environmental safety, Microbiological analysis and Physical-chemical characterization.


  • Performance test conform international standards (incl. IKW, A.I.S.E.)
    • Intended for products such as dishwashing, laundry and bathroom products
  • Human safety evaluation
    • Human safety evaluation is crucial for the correct classification of ingredients and formulations. Except for testing support, we also offer regulatory advice. Our experts are at your disposal to help you navigate through the complex regulation of REACH and CLP.
  • Environmental safety
    • To evaluate Environmental safety of your products, biodegradability tests are mandatory. We provide testing Eco-toxicological testing support conform OECD and ISO standards.
  • Microbiological analysis and Physical-chemical characterization
    • Our lab provides can help you perform a complete assessment of microbiological safety and can help support you with the chemical characterization of your product.

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