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Biocidal Industry

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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing is your strategic partner in supporting your company in complying with Biocidal regulation. The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) covers different product types such as disinfectants, preservatives, and rodenticides. Not only do we offer the complete testing package required for BPR registration. Our regulatory professionals with scientific and industry-specific knowledge can also help you by guiding you through the process of placing biocides on the European Union market.


Scientific and Regulatory Support

  • Global Evaluation Strategies for BPT registration
  • Toxicological Evaluation of substances
  • BPR dossier
  • Risk assessment
  • Expert statements
  • Negotiation with major authorities globally

In-house Trainings and Seminars

  • Both open and customized training courses
  • Training carried out by Internal and external experts, including study directors, lab managers and expert technicians


  • Physical-chemical properties
  • Preservative efficacy testing
  • Analytical chemistry, including but not limited to
    • e.g. residues studies
    • 5-Batch analysis for active ingredients and impurities
  • Quantitative suspension and carrier tests according to CEN standards
    • Against mycobacteria
    • Against fungi
    • Against bacterial spores
    • Against gram positive and gram negative bacteria
    • Against Legionella
  • Stability studies
    • Accelerated storage stability
    • Low temperature stability
    • Real-time stability
  • In vitro toxicology
    • Acute toxicity, local tolerance and sensitization test
  • Efficacy studies against viruses
  • Aquatic and terrestric ecotoxicology
    • Fish, Daphnia magna, freshwater algae and cyanobacteria
  • Efficacy studies for surface wipe disinfectants
  • Microbiology and efficacy testing
  • Efficacy studies airborne studies

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