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Eurofins Environmental Testing Netherlands, part of Eurofins Scientific, is your dedicated partner when it comes to environmental testing. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We support your business processes with efficient & qualitative analysis techniques. All the specialist knowledge and extensive experience of our customer service team is at your disposal. You can take advantage of our own packaging and logistics service. Our expert and reliable couriers ensure same day delivery of samples from your pick up location to the relevant laboratory. 

Eurofins Environmental Testing Netherlands strives to protect the environment. Our products and services help us support the responsible and minimal use of substances that are harmful to people and planet. These include pesticides, dioxins and heavy metals.

In the name of sustainability we make a sustained effort to minimise our use of water, raw materials and energy. Our laboratories have also developed special programmes to minimise environmental risks, including the safe use of chemicals and waste processing.

Eurofins Environmental Testing Netherlands has a collegial culture, with room for students, graduates, career changers, starters and experts. The diversity in our teams makes teamwork extra attractive. With attention to personal development, there is room for growth.

Employees can indicate which social and/or personal skills they want to develop, and we will support them in achieving their goals. We encourage the combination of work and family, enabling a healthy balance between work and private life.

If you are looking for an employer who values dedication and good ideas, where work is more than just a job and career development is possible, then take a look at our career page. We look forward to meeting you!