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Transport Benelux

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Contact with Eurofins Logistics

  • Telephone number from the Netherlands: 0800 - 099 11 80
  • Telephone number from Belgium: 03 - 830 20 05
  • E-mail:
  • The Eurofins online customer portal 

You can call us between 8 am and 5.30 pm. 

Transport Requests

We recommend you request transport of samples and/or packaging at least 1 working day in advance. For ad hoc requests, e.g. same day collection, please take account of the following time frames:

  • The Netherlands: before 11 am
  • Belgium: before 9 am 

Important Information:

  • Do not forget to give a full address when booking the courier, including contact person, telephone number and if necessary time window (at least 2 hours) for the pick-up.
  • When booking the courier, state clearly which Eurofins laboratory the samples are going to.
  • Complete the sample transfer form (STID), including follow-up labels for multiple crates.
  • Please ensure that sample packaging is clean.
  • Please double pack suspect asbestos samples. You can ask us for asbestos bags. 

Transport of your samples

To ensure your samples are transported in the right condition, at the right time and to the right destination, all our commercial vehicles are equipped with:

  • Cooling systems for air-conditioned transport of your samples;
  • Digital, calibrated temperature registration for real time monitoring of the temperature in the cargo area;
  • GPRS for determining the position of the vehicle and sending mobile data;
  • Scanners for 'track & trace' of your samples. 


In the Benelux you can deliver samples and/or collect packaging at a number of Eurofins depots. A few of these depots are unmanned and only accessible using a barcode that you will receive digitally. If you want to use a depot, please contact Eurofins logistics in advance. 

Overview (refrigerated) depots