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Ecological & Hydrobiological Research

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Ecology is the branch of science which studies interactions among organisms and their environment. Hydrobiology focuses on marine biology (salt water) and limnology (fresh water). 

Eurofins AquaSense carries out ecological and hydrobiological research within the Eurofins Group. The team takes samples, conducts analyses and provides advice in the fields of ecology, water quality, soil quality and environmental impact. Our activities are divided into four knowledge areas: ecological monitoring, ecotoxicology, ecological advice and inventories in the context of the Nature Conservation Act

The excellent cooperation between specialists and consultants enables Eurofins AquaSense to provide integrated solutions covering fresh and saline surface waters as well as dry ecosystems. We translate measured data into information about water quality, determine the effects of your measures and work with you to find ways to achieve, maintain or improve your (water) quality goals. 

Our laboratory in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht is fully equipped for the analysis of ecological and ecotoxicological samples. Eurofins is officially recognised and accredited to perform these analyses. You can find more information about our recognitions, accreditations and analysis capabilities on our download page. For questions please contact your contact person or mail us at: AmyStorm@eurofins.com. Our experts are always happy to help.