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Water Framework Directive Tests

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The European Water Framework Directive applies to all EU member states and safeguards the water quality of all surface and groundwater in the European Union. Due to their high toxicity and/or persistence, a number of substances may not or may only occur in very low concentrations in water. Environmental quality standards have been set for a number of priority substances. 

Eurofins has been closely involved in monitoring programmes for many years and carries out research for a variety of different clients in this field including Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst (Ministry of Infrastructure and water management). Eurofins was the first Dutch laboratory to develop an analysis package in line with this directive. We analyse your water samples for all priority substances, including heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pesticides and fire retardants. Moreover, our reporting thresholds are aligned with established environmental quality standards. 

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