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Asbestos Analysis

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Eurofins Asbestos Analysis

Eurofins has a wealth of experience when it comes to testing for asbestos. We use accredited techniques for the quantitative and qualitative determination of asbestos in materials, building and demolition waste, rubble, groundwater, soil, air filters and adhesive samples. 

Techniques in Asbestos Analysis

Asbestos fibres are not visible to the naked eye, but are detectable using light and polarization microscopy (PLM) as well as scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Here, the presence of asbestos and the exact type is determined by examining specific properties, such as morphology, refractive index and chemical structure. 

Eurofins, Your Reliable and Independent Partner

Eurofins' asbestos analysis is characterised by short lead times, reliable delivery and excellent service. We give you useful links for frequently used, supporting programs and you can order products at our user-friendly web portal. And our customer support is there to answer all your questions.  

Eurofins is officially recognised and accredited to perform these analyses. You can find more information about our recognitions, accreditations and analysis capabilities on our download page. For questions please contact your contact person or mail us at: Our experts are always happy to help.