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Testing for Biocides

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Biocides are chemical or biological agents used to combat or minimise the effect of harmful organisms. These are used in households, public spaces and businesses and not for crop protection. There are many different types including preservatives, insecticides, balsam liquids and anti-fouling coatings for ships. 

Biocides spread in the environment through wind, rain, run-off and leaching into ground and surface water. In addition to combatting unwanted organisms, their active ingredients also have harmful effects on other organisms and pose a risk to health and the environment. 

All biocides need to be assessed for functioning along with human and environmental safety before they go on the market. This is laid down in European Directive 98/8 / EC. Biocides in the Netherlands are covered by the Plant Protection Products and Biocides Act. Eurofins has compiled an analysis package for testing for prohibited biocides and biocides that are frequently found in environmental samples. 

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