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Waste Water

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The Environmental Management Act and Water Act regulate waste water discharge in the Netherlands. All businesses that discharge wastewater through the sewage system or directly into surface water, are legally required to submit an annual declaration for water treatment charges.      

The payable water treatment/anti-pollution charge depends on the activity involved and is calculated using a wastewater coefficient table or the number of pollution units (measurement of contamination) through sampling and measurement.  One pollution unit is equivalent to the average pollution produced per person per year. The number of pollution units produced by a business is determined by the chemical oxygen demand (COD), the level of Kjeldahl nitrogen and the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). We refer to these as the treatment charge parameters 

A business may require a discharge permit, aligned to its production process. This stipulates waste water requirements, including the maximum permitted concentrations of certain compounds. 

Not only is Eurofins accredited and authorised to measure concentration levels as specified in the wastewater parameters of the discharge permit, but is also authorised to measure your treatment charge parameters. This means we offer a complete service, starting with measuring and recording pollution units and presenting these in a report. When needed, we can also report directly to the relevant water authority on your behalf.  

Eurofins has the equipment to measure a wide range of medicines and other specific compounds in very low concentrations. Eurofins is licensed and accredited to perform these analyses. You can find more information about our recognitions, accreditations and analysis capabilities on our download page. For questions please contact your contact person or mail us at: Our experts are always happy to help.