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TerrAttesT® is a complete soil testing kit. It enables clients to give reliable statements concerning the nature and extent of contamination in soil and groundwater samples with regard to applicable legislation. For TerrAttesT® our laboratory uses the most advanced analysis techniques to obtain qualitative and quantitative measurements of more than 200 compounds. This makes further testing with increased parameters unnecessary. An essential aspect of TerrAttesT® is the innovative logistics system saving clients considerable time. Both in allocating the assignment - payment is seen as assignment, the so-called 'jar = assignment' - as well as processing clearly presented analysis results.

Globally Recognised    

Soil consultants around the globe have experienced the specific benefits of TerrAttesT®. From Stockholm to Cape Town and Buenos Aires to Tokyo, TerrAttesT® is used for soil remediation, monitoring and substantiation in due diligence. Our own laboratories together with others in the Eurofins group means we have a truly global network. This gives our customers a local service with worldwide reach.

TerrAttesT® Offers:       

Time saving:

  • Standard delivery time is 5 working days, but 3 working days is also possible.
  • More than 200 components are quantitatively determined, so no additional sampling and analysis is required. 


  • All individual components are ISO 17025 accredited. 

Logistics advantage:

  • Lower sampling and transport costs due to low sample volumes:
    <80 grams of soil
     <200 ml water
  • No loss of time when commissioning thanks to unique concept: "Jar = Assignment" 

Commercial advantage:

  • The price is considerably more attractive than the more traditional and limited analysis packages.
  • Time saving in the assignment and result provision provide greater project efficiency.  

Eurofins is officially recognised and accredited to perform these analyses. 

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