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Asbestos Advice

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Asbestos Inventories

There is a legal requirement to have an asbestos inventory completed by an accredited research agency before work can be started in a building or other structure. This only applies to structures built before 1994. The inventory must record and map the presence of asbestos-containing materials. At Eurofins you can call on Sanitas Environmental Consultancy. The inventory starts with visual inspection and taking samples of suspicious materials. These results are compiled and processed into an asbestos inventory report. An inventory is performed by one of our Asbestos Inventory Specialists (AIS). This colleague is fully qualified to carry out this specialised research.

Validation Measurements

Asbestos-containing construction materials were not only often used in factories, schools, flats, low-cost housing, office buildings, hospitals and barns, but also in ships, trains, cars and roads. During an asbestos inventory, the materials and applications are classified in a risk class. This is done via the ‘Stoffenmanager Asbest’ (SMA-rt). SMA-rt is a digital program which using an exposure database, classifies the risk of certain types of work involving asbestos-containing material. The designated risk class then determines whether and how the remediation must be carried out. Classifying the materials present considerably reduces the project lead time and costs. 

Risk Assessment

The risk of potential exposure to asbestos can be evaluated by means of a risk assessment. The extent of asbestos contamination can be quickly determined by taking adhesive and/or air samples. Furthermore the level of asbestos risk in the building can also be determined. The outcome of the risk assessment determines whether it is necessary to have the asbestos removed. 

Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos does not always have to be removed. It is often possible to create an asbestos-safe situation. This can be done by our colleagues at Sanitas Environmental Consultancy who will draw up an asbestos management plan. This describes the measures needed to create an asbestos-safe situation. The plan will make clear how the building can be used safely, without damaging asbestos-containing materials. In this way exposure to asbestos is prevented. We can also provide asbestos awareness training for your employees. This will increase their knowledge of asbestos so they will become more skilled at recognising and assessing the risks involved. The course can be given in consultation at any location.

Eurofins is officially recognised and accredited to perform these analyses. You can find more information about our recognitions, accreditations and analysis capabilities on our download page. For questions please contact your contact person or mail us at: Our experts are always happy to help.