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Leadership Charter

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Group Leadership Philosophy
(How the Group Operating Council leads/organises Eurofins)

Eurofins Scientific is a decentralised non-bureaucratic fast moving group of entrepreneur led businesses. Group Operating Council members/Division leaders behave as shareholders towards the Presidents of Eurofins businesses and:

  1. Set the framework in which leaders of Group companies can succeed:
    1. Put businesses together that address one homogenous market (local or global depending on clients‘ decision making level) and that are large enough to be efficient under one leader; an empowered and accountable President/Managing Director who sets the strategy for his/her business along with an ambitious vision.
    2. Get out of the way
    3. Provide support as required
  2. Select, develop & retain the best leaders
    1. Encourage a value-creation-based meritocracy
    2. Reward progress in Economic Profit (EP) growth by sharing value creation with outstanding leaders.
  3. Allocate capital according to EP/ROCE growth
  4. Rules of the game include full transparency & common financial systems/policies

Behaviour and competencies expected from Eurofins leaders

    Define & communicate a clear vision and strategy
    • Develop an exciting customer centric vision of the future - think big.
    • Develop strategies to facilitate accomplishment of the vision.
    • Use various means of communication to ensure people know the vision & strategy.
    • Hold team discussions to check and improve the understanding of the vision & strategy.
  2. GOALS
    Set ambitious goals based on strategy & vision
    • Set up action plans with clear-cut distribution of responsibilities.
    • Take obstacles away so that people can implement the strategy.
    • Set goals that are consistent with the vision & strategy. (people know how they can contribute at the operational level)
    • Keep goals simple, focus, always maintain a consistent course.
    Be a trusted and reliable partner to their customers
    • Work with passion to exceed customer expectations and earn their trust.
    • Systematically solicit feedback and strive to continuously improve the customer's experience.
    • Encourage their teams to share knowledge with customers and help them achieve their goals.
    Attract, develop and retain star performers
    • Deploy enormous energy and time to find and hire the best.
    • Raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion.
    • Recognise exceptional talent and give them roles with true team leadership.
    • Make sure that high performers enjoy and contribute to their best.
    Inspire passion to achieve excellent performance
    • Demonstrate a strong drive for high quality output.
    • Set the highest standards and always deliver more than what is required.
    • Create positive tension to get the most out of people.
    • Always expect and recognise high performance.
    Empower & motivate their teams
    • Create or influence an environment in which people perform, grow, contribute and enjoy.
    • Show trust in people.
    • Care about people’s motivations.
    • Allow people to implement their own ideas.
    • Challenge people in constructive ways.
    Ensure strategies are implemented
    • Monitor progress on critical actions and metrics/KPIs. Quickly become hands-on if things derail.
    • Implement decisions fast and effectively.
    • Stay connected to details and dive deep in the business when needed. No task is below them.
    Deliver profitable & sustainable growth
    • Relentlessly explore ways to improve existing business returns.
    • Provide financial support for high-impact ideas.
    • Maintain a balanced view between bottom line short-term goals and innovative, long-term growth.
    • Be very cost conscious. Spend the Company’s resources frugally like their own.
    Encourage pro-activity and initiative
    • Show strong bias for action.
    • Are metrics-based but prepared to decide without exhaustive analysis – many decisions are reversible.
    • Know that speed of action matters.
    • Value intuition and calculated risk-taking.
    Lead by example and earn trust
    • ​Demonstrate a strong drive for excellent output.
    • Stay focused, keep it simple and consistent.
    • Listen attentively, speak candidly and treat others respectfully.
    • Be clear on expectations, direction and requirements.
    • Walk the talk, show commitment.
    • Show integrity and credibility – be tenacious.
    • Be frugal. Accomplish more with less.
    • Have backbone. Disagree and challenge when not convinced but once a final decision is taken, commit fully.
    Initiate and drive change in an uncertain future
    • Always question the status quo (Can we do better? Is there another way?).
    • Spot opportunities very quickly.
    • Come up with alternatives, creative solutions to unmet needs, problems and demands.
    • Form a culture that supports change and innovation.
    Enable/promote the building of an internal network to optimise business opportunities
    • Act on behalf of the whole Company beyond just their own team.
    • Constantly seek to pull in high potential people from outside the team and facilitate/promote their best team members throughout the Group.
    • Encourage cross-functional, cross-business team work.